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Platform is the principal creative agency specialising in commercial curation in Africa. We design and create exhibitions, museum experiences, hospitality spaces, shops and showrooms, marketing campaigns and product ranges to elevate brands within their market place.
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Platform is the principal creative agency specialising in commercial and cultural curation in Africa. We design and create museum experiences, corporate interiors, hospitality spaces, shops and showrooms; conceptualise and strategise forward-thinking marketing campaigns and retail concepts; and design and develop product ranges to elevate brands within their marketplace.

As proven pioneers within the creative and lifestyle industries we facilitate, curate and direct memorable experiences and touch points that appeal to basic human curiosity, needs and desire.

We think about people first – how they respond when they enter a new space, journey around a public place, visit a museum, stay in a hotel, sit in a restaurant or go shopping.

Led by the dynamic force of Managing Director Laurence Brick and Creative Director Cathy O’Clery, we are a multidisciplinary team passionate about brand advancement and business growth. Visionary, culturally savvy and commercially led we curate, design and develop stimulating and accessible environments conducive to great enterprise. To do so we conduct intensive research and analysis to devise strategic, creative and commercial direction for all types of businesses.

We recognise the intricate problems a business may have and come with a deep understanding of the outward perceptions and inner turmoil of brands. Platform’s strength is in how we focus on the distillation and improvement of what a brand is about. Less about disruption, more about enhancing and elevating, we help established businesses and start-ups in both the corporate and creative worlds to shine and grow.

Laurence Brick, managing director

Combines an acute business acumen honed from many years in retail with a bigger picture strategic mind. With extensive experience in retail, marketing strategy and product development, he brings a profound insight into the aesthetic as well as the commercial aspects of business and design.

Laurence Brick, Platform Creative Agency
Cathy O'Clery, Platform

Cathy O’Clery, creative director

An influencer, highly regarded voice and recognised authority within the design industry, Cathy’s visual acumen, creative and content direction pushes a designer or brand’s potential to greater heights. Her ongoing and keen research in the field of design across Africa makes her one of the top experts in design on the continent and as an ex-editor she is often asked to write for leading journals and websites across the globe such as The Guardian, World of Interiors, Icon and Elle Decoration.

Our clients include