Platform Creative Agency | MONN
Platform is the principal creative agency specialising in commercial curation in Africa. We design and create exhibitions, museum experiences, hospitality spaces, shops and showrooms, marketing campaigns and product ranges to elevate brands within their market place.
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Platform developed a new multi-approach narrative, restrategised and designed all marketing collateral (including carpet sample books, brochures and the website) to consolidate and reposition Africa’s largest custom weave carpet company under the MONN brand.

MONN’s capability to produce sophisticated, contemporary and highly detailed custom carpet designs was central to the brand narrative, and we developed the much-acclaimed Malachite design in collaboration with MONN’s in-house design team. This design showcased the creative possibility, quality and craftsmanship that the custom design and weaving process allows, and it became the hero image for the visual campaign launched to the local and the international market.

“The team at Platform Creative Agency developed a marketing strategy for MONN that only can be described as world class, enabling us to compete globally.” – Barbara Nouwens, Marketing Director of MONN


Brand Architects, Product Development, Visual Campaign