Platform Creative Agency | Platform Studio
Platform is the principal creative agency specialising in commercial curation in Africa. We design and create exhibitions, museum experiences, hospitality spaces, shops and showrooms, marketing campaigns and product ranges to elevate brands within their market place.
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Platform Studio

Creative Direction

With many international projects under our belt our creative direction has had far-reaching impact across the globe for many of our clients, focussed on increasing business awareness, elevation and growth.

Renowned for our visual acumen, styling and image making we have won industry awards for curation of our own projects and our visual and content strategies have led to a multitude of awards for our clients.


Presentation is everything but at Platform we believe it must be more: it needs to be true to the heart and soul of a brand to stand out in the market place. We delve into the essence of the business, unpack its DNA and analyse the greater market place to create brand designs with authentic substance and enduring style.

Product Design and Development

Design is the core discipline of our business – with a proven track record of creating desirable and commercial ranges, products and packaging for manufacturing companies, shops and showrooms.

Image Making

Under the creative direction of one of the world’s leading visual storytellers Cathy O’Clery, our studio strategises, designs and executes impactful visual marketing campaigns to promote the best of a brand.

Exhibition and Stand Design

Creating exhibitions is all about immersive experiences and engaging journeys. This is where our business started and where we are regarded as pioneers. Attentive to our clients’ needs we design and develop exciting brand-appropriate installations – whether a single stand to showcase new work, a journey of new discoveries and enlightenment, or a large multi-exhibitor experience that requires a strong framework, direction and narrative.

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