Platform Creative Agency | Platform Interiors
Platform is the principal creative agency specialising in commercial curation in Africa. We design and create exhibitions, museum experiences, hospitality spaces, shops and showrooms, marketing campaigns and product ranges to elevate brands within their market place.
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Platform Interiors

Property Consultancy

Platform can unpick the aptitude and potential of an establishment to pull out all commercial possibilities. Working closely with our clients we analyse all the touch points of customer and consumer encounters – what pulls them in, what keeps them there and what will bring them back. We recommend achievable outcomes realistic to budget, strategise and design new visions for the space you have or want to build, and where necessary, create short-term solutions for long-term plans.


We design immersive lifestyle experiences that touch people’s desires, needs, aspirations and sense of well-being, while focussing on the commercial objectives of a business. We understand the human response of a person journeying around a cultural attraction, someone shopping, or a group visiting a resort hotel. We recognise the detail and minutiae that makes a difference. By being people-centric but business-focussed, we concentrate on providing uplifting, effortless experiences to lengthen stay and increase spend.


Because of our deep entrenchment in the design industry through curating projects such as 100% Design South Africa, there has been a natural link for us to interior design. We collaborate with Alice Hutton, one of South Africa’s leading interior designers specialising in corporate design. Alice has an extensive and impressive portfolio of installations around the globe. She has been one of the prime interior designers for Investec for over 20 years and has been a lead not only on their headquarters in Johannesburg but their offices all over the world from New York to London, Mumbai to Sydney.

Together with a well-used address book of excellent architects, designers and contractors, we partner with the best professionals to create desirable interior installations for any lifestyle business. What you get from us is authentic and enduring designs – no quick fixes or fads – that resonate with the fundamentals of your business.