Platform Creative Agency | 20 Questions with Lezanne Viviers of VIVIERS Studio
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20 Questions with Lezanne Viviers of VIVIERS Studio

20 Questions with Lezanne Viviers of VIVIERS Studio

Viviers Studio by Johannesburg fashion designer Lezanne Viviers was one of the 100 Beautiful Things in our 2020 campaign run in partnership with the V&A Waterfront. We asked her 20 questions.

1. What platform are you most grateful for?
It was wonderful to have been a part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in January this year, as the focus was really on a sustainable fashion industry. GTBank Fashion Weekend in Lagos, however, is one of my favourite and most loved events, for its energy and the opportunities to meet incredible people.

2. Which three people or brands would be your dream collaboration partners?
Maison Margiela, Diana Vreeland and Michèle Lamy.

3. What’s your favourite piece of iconic design?
The kimono.

4. What keeps you up at night?
Ideas and solutions, as well as some astral travelling of course 😉

5. What’s the most unusual lesson you’ve ever learned that’s been really useful to you?
Life on earth is only a school to learn personal lessons, and those are unique to each person.

6. What trait do you most like about yourself?
The fact that I am unique (and so is everyone else).

7. What trait do you most like in others?
Their uniqueness.

SS2020 OR/BITING AURA BOROS campaign from the collection in collaboration with Marlene Hettie – Photographer: Nico Krijno (@nicokrijno) Art Director: Louw Kotze (@louw.77) Make up: Michelle Lee Collins (@magicalmichelle) Models: Pona Halo (@ponahalo) Thapelo Mofokeng (@teepeemafoks) Nontobeko Mbuyazi (@madam_ntobe) Pivot Aurel (@pivot_model) Wemi Oluwa (@wemi_mo) Sethu Ncise (@sethuofficial)

8. What is your greatest extravagance?
Freshly baked sourdough and hand-picked flowers from my garden. Alone time is the ultimate luxury.

9. What is your most treasured possession? 
Walter and Paku; Paku and Walter. In no specific order. (Husband and cat; cat and husband.)

10. When and where were you happiest?
Right here, right now.

11. What are your talents outside of design?
Kombucha farming.

12. If you could have any one object, what would it be?
A gigantic natural rose quartz crystal, taller than me.

13. What do you love about being a designer in South Africa?
Our hybridised culture, which allows for ultimate experimentation.

14. What would you like to change in the local design industry?
I would love it if we grew organic cotton and hemp, and produced peace silk, organic wool and a variety of local natural resources that could be spun and supplied on a small scale to designers.

15. Who’s your favourite South African designer?
I have the world’s respect for Thebe Magugu’s humble and kind nature.

16. What kind of magic do you believe in? 
The magic of the sun and the moon and the stars and the universe, all found within ourselves.

17. Who has been a great influence on your career and creativity?
I feel ultimate happiness when I get to play with fellow creatives and artists. I am lucky to call many my friends. Nothing exists in isolation; one needs to open oneself to the endless creative ideas that surround us.

18. What things would you like to incorporate more of in your life in the coming years?
LOVE, harmony, balance, peace and TRUTH.

19. What are the three must-see yet lesser-known destinations in South Africa for anyone visiting our country who is interested in design?
VIVIERS Studio at LOTUS HOUSE, Adam’s Calendar in Mpumalanga, and the pavilion at Nirox Sculpture Park.

20. If you could have any platform on which to shine, what would it be?
The Antarctic glaciers.

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