Platform Creative Agency | Brand Curation
Platform is the principal creative agency specialising in commercial curation in Africa. We design and create exhibitions, museum experiences, hospitality spaces, shops and showrooms, marketing campaigns and product ranges to elevate brands within their market place.
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Brand Curation


To create the right environments for sustainable business we adopt the four principals of good curation: finding, filtering, focusing and framing.


We collate information in and around a brand and provide in-depth research for all our projects. We seek out its true essence believing that if it resonates deeply with all who experience it, it will lead to great business.


We provide insight by contextualising and distilling appropriate content relevant to the voice of a brand to elevate it within the marketplace.


Through rigorous editing and dynamic creative direction we give meaning, intelligence and narrative to allow brands to shine.


We develop or expand business through the design and creation of engaging journeys and experiences, or provide new platforms for them to perform and expand.

Brand Experiences

What holds a person in a space – makes them wonder, seek out its content or linger for more? What makes them hold a product, desire it and understand they are about to buy something of value? What makes them want to re-book, tell their friends, or share an experience on social media? At every level of our service we are aware of these drivers and develop the most engaging experiences of what a brand can offer.

Brand development

We excel at gear-shifting established brands to make them more economically viable. We have an acute sense of what is commercially and creatively right for a brand and hone the opportunities and routes to market in a multi-faceted approach.

We work with large corporations or small enterprises and through our work with Business of Design and 100% Design South Africa, we are natural talent spotters helping to kick start many new businesses.

Research and Strategy

In today’s world of fast conspicuous consumerism and an over-burdened planet we believe that all brands need a straightforward explanation as to why they exist. Why are you opening a new hotel, shop, manufacturing company? What makes your business so unique? Straightforward in our approach we show where a business has relevance, can make a difference and make economic sense. Apart from our extensive knowledge of the design and lifestyle industries we research the very reasons why something not only has a right to be in the marketplace, but how we can draw out the possibilities to make it succeed.

Developing a brand strategy for MONN Carpets from manufacturing to marketing